Yong-Kang Plant

Yong-Kang Plant was built in 2012 with the base of 25,000 square meters. It sits in the Yong-Kang Science Park. 5-minute-drive from the main Yong-Kang train station and the Provincial Highway 1. Neighbouring Southern Taiwan Science Park and Yong-Kang Industrial Park.

In Yong-Kang plant, we have the most advanced cutting-edge technologies and introduced automatic computing system that allows high and persistent production rate, precise measurement and punctual in order delivery. We have promised that would be able to complete your orders within 7 days from the date when your order is confirmed. Our Yong-Kang plant can produce 350 to 400 tons per day in average, and it is also our leading office and plant.

There are also other facilities in our Yong-Kang plan including customized items showroom, TTK products samples and prefabricated cages…etc for our customers’ best interests.


Ren-De Plant

Our Ren-De Plan is allocated in heart of Ren-De district on the ZhongZheng road. It is within 100 meters from the main road,  3 kilometres from the motorway. It is next door to the Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science (CNU),  because of its excellent location and environment around it, Re-de plant has turned itself from small steel maker to professional CUT & Bend specialist. 

In order to increase the efficiency and accuracy of product delivery, our Ren-De plant imported the first ever automatic hoop machine in Taiwan, it also became the only company that combined from steel trading, cut and bend, coupler, cage to on-site team management providing ”all-in-one total solution” in Taiwan rebar industry, TRK is said to be the pioneer of Taiwanese Cut and Bend industry.

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