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Rebar Trading

Since 1981, TRK has more than 35 years of experiences in rebar trading and not only we have most available products and sizes, large stock and clear pricing, we are also certified with SGS ISO9001:2008 for our high standard quality products and outstanding work environment management.


For the carbon/energy saving issues recently, TRK steel has already had an early start on our eco-friendly recycling system since 2001. We have altered and upgraded our machinery and equipments to be more environment friendly and fuel efficiency through the years in order to reach certain levels of sustainability and to save energy and resources.

TRK steel is known for its know-how and reputation, we have around 50% of the market share in Great Tainan area and is the pioneer of the industry. Due to most of our production processes are computerized and automatic, we are able to reduce the costs of human error and materials usage. 


TRK steel has designated a production team for couplers and thus from production fabrication, we are controlling and monitoring the whole line for our customer in order to deliver our persistent outstanding quality of products.





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