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TRK Steel felt the slowing down of the development of building construction since the tremendous earthquake strike happened in Taiwan in 1999. For the purpose of being a new stream into the construction industry, TRK Steel started the new corporation with Japan Tokyo Tekko Corp., ltd. (Abv. TTK) in 2016. TRK Steel is also its first overseas prefabrication cooperated partner company.

TTK is a company specializes in making high strength threaded rebar “Neji-tetsu-con”and coupler in Japan and it also remains in the top market share for last 20 years in Japan. The “Prefabrication method “was invented by TTK and was introduced to the Japanese market. It is now commonly used in Japan. Facing the problem of high labour cost, difficulties in quality control as well as the market demands of a stronger, and more spacious design, TTK’s products have used in 76% of the buildings in all over Japan, including 90% of the buildings in Kanto region. Their well-known projects include Tokyo train station Marunouchi building, Tokyo Dome Hotel, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, and Gang Dong Project, Haeundae LCT Project in South Korea, Marina One Project, Media Complex Project in Singapore as well as  China’s spring river and south science building project, etc.   

Since 2012, TTK started supporting the academic research and experiments with some of Taiwan’s largest institutions and organizations such as National Centre for Research on Earthquake Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Concrete Institute in high strength rebar and its related products.

TRK steel wishes to take the opportunity and with the helps offered from TTK will advance and benefit the steel rebar construction industry in Taiwan.

TTK Products

高強度螺紋鋼筋 (Neji-te-tsu-con)


CNS SD280 / SD420W / SD490

TCI SD550W / SD590 / SD685






  ACE JOINT      砂漿填充式

  FREE JOINT    吸收節距式





錨定器     PLATE NUT

​焊接閉合型箍筋  POWER RING

SD685 / SD785

TTK Prefabrication Method

Efficient Cost-saving

Unlike the traditional method that are currently commonly used in constructing beams and columns in Taiwan, TTK prefabrication method allows cages pre-made in the factory or on-site and can be ready to use according to the contraction schedule. Using this method not only saves the time and manpower on the site, avoids the delay caused by weather, its special design will also improve the difficulty of checking the safety and completion of the works that has recently becoming the main concern.

Take a 10F RC building as an example, applying TTK prefabrication method, we will be able to shorten the time needed in constructing beams and columns on-site. Therefore, we can expect the total construction period per floor to be reduced by about 21%, at the same time, the number of manpower will be reduced by around 30%.

MOU Signing Ceremony
TTK Visit
TTK Factory in Oyama
Prefabrication Presentation
JCI Fukuoka Hakata
Prefabrication DEMO
TTK Visit
Kuwabara Tekkin Visit
TTK Visit
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