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The company was founded in 1981, originally engaged in the manufacture of steel bars, but was reorganized in 1992 and transformed to focus on steel forming, processing and trading. Passed ISO9002 certification in 1999 (currently ISO9001), and at the same time introduced continuous steel cage construction and friction welding splicer processing business to expand product consistency, effectively improve downstream customer demand, and exert effective management to shorten construction time and save customers The cost is the leader of domestic formed steel bars.


Since its establishment, the company has always implemented the idea of respecting customers in products and services, treating customers as relatives, treating customers as friends, and seeking growth in stability. The public works are well-known and praised by customers for a long time.


Tongrong Steel signed an MOU cooperation memorandum and technical exchange with "Tokyo Steel Co., Ltd., Japan" in early 2016, which was highly recognized by the industry.

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