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About  TRK Steel

TRK was founded in 1981; it was initially a steel fabricator  and  was reconstructed into a professional Cut & Bend Company in  1992. In 1999, the company was certified with ISO9002 (current ISO9001) for its high quality management system and reputation of meeting customers' expectations. In the same year, the investments in cages and couplers not only allowed TRK to provide a wider range of its products to its customers but also to bring a better cost-down solution. Thus TRK was differentiated from its competitors and was determined to become the leader of Cut & Bend industry.

TRK has always kept its promises – to treat every customer as one of ours, and to continuously look for better improvements. We are proud of being known for our high quality products, personal customer services, and rigorous managing system.

In 2016, TRK started the new cooperation with TOKYO TEKKO CO., LTD. Japan This cooperation in technical and academic aspects are not only introduce a new level of construction method to the current construction industry in Taiwan but provide a safer, stronger and cheaper choice for our customers.

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