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Tongrong Yongkang Factory

The Tongrong Yongkang Factory was opened in October of the Republic of China, covering an area of about 25,000 square meters, located in the Yongkang Science and Technology Park. It is only 5 minutes away from Yongkang Railway Station and the first line of National Highway and Taiwan. It is close to Tainan Science Industrial Park and Yongkang Industrial Park.

The production equipment of Yongkang Plant is mainly the most advanced machines in Europe and America and introduces the latest ERP system. The equipment is automated and computerized, with high production efficiency, correct size, accurate quantity, and punctual delivery. As long as the processing material list is confirmed and completed 7 days ago, the vehicle can be dispatched for delivery. Due to its large production area, abundant inventory and high production efficiency, the company can produce 350 to 400 tons per day, and it is also the main factory of Tongrong.

Yongkang plant also has special processing display, TTK Tokyo Steel high-strength rebar and splice samples for exhibition.


Tongrong Rende Factory

Located on Zhongzheng Road, Rende District , Tainan City , 100 meters away from Provincial Highway, about 3 kilometers away from Expressway Rende Interchange and Taiwan Route 86, and only separated by a wall from Jianan University of Pharmacology, it has convenient transportation and excellent geographical location. In just three years, Rende Factory has transformed from a small-scale rolling mill to a large-scale steel secondary processing plant, providing high-quality formed steel bars for builders.

In order to meet the customer's construction period and improve the delivery punctuality rate, Tongrong Company introduced the first automatic steel bar bending machine in Taiwan from Europe. Binding and assembly processing of work shifts, providing all in one rebar  The company of "Total Solution", Tongrong Steel can be said to be a leader in pioneering the secondary processing of steel bars in Taiwan.

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