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Since its establishment in 1981, Tongrong Steel has 35 years of experience in the trading of steel bars. We not only have the most complete range of steel grades and sizes, safe and abundant stocks, and transparent prices, but also have passed the SGS international verification and have the excellent quality of ISO9001: 2008 certificate/  Environmental management vendors.


In recent years, environmental protection issues have received much attention. Tongrong Steel has already started to adjust its production and equipment for energy conservation and carbon reduction in the 1990s, and began to contribute to the sustainable operation of our planet as early as possible.

Tongrong has an outstanding reputation, leading technology in Taiwan, and a market share of more than 50% in Tainan, making it an industry leader. Because Tongrong uses computerized and mechanized production, it can not only reduce human defects, save the use of steel bars, and maintain the excellent texture of edges, corners and flatness after the steel bars are tied and assembled.


Tongrong also has a production department for rebar splicers, from factory production to assembly to ensure quality, improve engineering efficiency, and reduce costs.

Traditional bamboo steel bars


High-strength rebar


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